5 Reasons to Choose Tile

Tile can be used in a variety of situations and offers distinct benefits over other available materials. Some of the advantages are obvious, whereas others may shock consumers. Examples of when it may be appropriate to choose ceramic tile Raleigh NC include in your bathroom, kitchen, or for flooring.

Other material options may include carpet, stone, wood, acrylic, laminate, or something else – depending upon the exact project. Look at these five primary reasons to choose tile over other materials.

1: Durability: Tile is a very strong, durable material which is not prone to breakage. This means it will last longer than other materials, thus giving the consumer a better return on profit.

2: Hypo-allergenic: Since tile is non-porous, it does not have the potential for holding onto allergens like dust, pollen, or pet dander. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals with indoor or outdoor allergies, or those with pets.

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3: Easy to Clean: Tile is very easy to clean, unlike materials such as carpeting. Simply wipe with a disinfectant, or mop over it. It does not stain, either. Families with pets or children will love this benefit, and will want to choose ceramic tile over carpeting, which is very hard to clean and incredibly easy to stain.

4: Eco-Friendly: Tile is sourced from a combination of renewable resources and synthetic materials, which makes for a very small impact on the environment versus materials like wood, which have the potential for a much larger negative impact.

5: Improved Air Quality: What many do not know is that the materials in your home can release chemicals into the indoor air. Tile is fired at a very high temperature, which means all these organic chemical compounds were destroyed. As such, it allows for a much better indoor air quality.