Keeping the Garage Cool During the Summer

Not only does a hot garage make it nearly impossible to take care of tasks in this area of the home, it can add heat to the inside of the home, decreasing comfort for everyone. Luckily, there are a few techniques that can minimize the garage heat to help you keep things cool. Want to know how to keep a cool garage when the summer heat is blaring down? Here are a few great tips that you can use each day to keep the garage attached to your home cool and comfy.

If you use an overhead garage door Denton make sure to keep it slightly open when working in the area. A one-foot opening is a good amount to allow sufficient air inside. You should consider insulating the garage door as well. A well-insulated garage is the first solution to overheating temperatures. The garage ceiling is another area in which to insulate to further cool the room. When the ceiling in insulated, it prevents the heat from beating down onto the roof and into the garage, thus causing the temperatures to increase. While you’re insulating, take care of the walls, too.

An oscillating fan may benefit the hot weather, but it can do only so much. Since one of these fans is relatively inexpensive, it is worth the purchase to learn if it will provide any relief from the heat. If budget allows, consider installing an overhead fan inside the garage, too. This addition will add character and style to the garage while ensuring that hot temperatures do not bring you down.

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Most people use a combination of these tips to keep things cool in their garage. So should you. When it is time to beat the summer heat, you can win the battle with this information in mind.